True Colours

In the colourful world of fashion, green is the new black. Organic cotton looks cool, so does bamboo and lyocel (made from wood pulp), recycling is mainstream and most brands are beginning to take ethical sourcing seriously...

The use of natural colouring is expanding at a slower pace. It has all to do with quality and variety: natural colour options are far more limited than synthetic dyes, colours are less permanent and more difficult to apply and sometimes require the use of chemical fixing agents...
These limitations don't seem to deter Alexandrine, who explained to me the other day, how she uses plants and clay-based dyes for her raphia and silk range
With eucalyptus, mahogany, avocado seeds, lilac, yam or the dark earth from nearby paddyfields, she gets the most enchanting shades of brown, green, orange and grey,
to me, it is like wearing poetry

I love the rustic feel of her range, which works so well when mixing it with white or black