First Things First

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First things first, how it all began...

In 2007, I moved to Madagascar for a 2- year contract with an international NGO. In the land of orchids and lemurs, I was bound to come across a unique way of doing things: Madagascar has a range of arts and crafts that is truly unique, a mix of Asian and African influences, it is original as well as diverse: with one of the richest flora in the world, the red island has a huge variety of natural materials to get inspired from.

Before moving to Cape Town I decided to promote it and started to source and select craftswomen, artists and designers who showed talent, the capacity to produce in reasonable quantity within a reasonable length of time and who were fanatics about quality.

Here is our first collection online, either exclusive to Natura Creative Art or original works by talented artists, all the items we showcase display a distinctive signature that combine traditional know-how with a contemporary touch.

Please check out the e-boutique and let us know what you think in the comments section...

For those of you who need to touch, feel or smell before you buy, we also organise private sales, if you are in Cape Town and want some more information about our next event, please contact us: