A dog's Life

We've just found our new home in Abuja, Nigeria. A small duplex in a small estate. Cosy.
Nice, clean and tidy.
We are all set for signature and are planning to move in by 1 March.
One point in our lease troubles me though : one of the clause states that' no dog, no goat, or other wild animal is allowed in the premises (…)'
That's a weird combination: dogs and goats and lions or rhinos ? Are dogs 'wild animals' for the Nigerians?
As we are planning to bring Caramel, our Golden Retriever cross Triumphant Mongrel, from Cape Town, very soon, the question needs urgent probing

The Ultimate Luxury

Purchasing handmade items is a way of encouraging creativity and local production, supporting independent artists, going green and saying NO to 'Big Retail'. Quite a statement...

A lighter Shade of Green

From Deep Green, with no car, no fridge, no washing machine and no central heating to Lime Green where you are as green as the greenest designer necklace you are wearing...

Going Green can be confusing

True Colours

In the colourful world of fashion, green is the new black. Organic cotton looks cool, so does bamboo and lyocel (made from wood pulp), recycling is mainstream and most brands are beginning to take ethical sourcing seriously...

Back To Our Roots

I checked out the Vetiver International Network website the other day and was amazed at the versatility of the plant, it is used for soil erosion control, slope protection, prevention and treatment of contaminated water and lands as well as an insect repellent...
Add to that, perfumery and handicraft, and you have got a pure, green, sustainable gem

The Butterfly Effect (2)

Intriguing butterflies: good omen, eternal love, ephemeral life, whatever they symbolise, they keep a strange hold on each one of us. Butterfly pouches , tie-in butterfly bracelets or
Buttefly napking rings....Butterflies are on our mind!

The Butterfly Effect (1)

France Be came up with this original idea of colourful ribbons and carved butterflies...Combination of materials and styles, the butterfly collection is casual and chic, fun and elegant. A bit like France Be herself...
Ready and easy to wear, it is available in bright red, purple or subdued white...We love it here and hope you'll love it too, take a closer look: tie-in butterfly bracelets

African Salad

Winter in Cape Town!
Coming from gentle Europe, the land of central heating, I went through my first winter here in total disbelief: cold outside with some beautiful sunny spells..
Literally freezing inside, with no respite
Rough and tough, my life indoors became a long fight for comfort: from electric radiators (weak), gas heaters (warm, smelly and bulky) to fireplaces (warm , beautiful and expensive) I quickly mastered all tricks and tips to keep a decent level of warmth. I was not that successful and still longed for this perfect comfy feeling that makes a house in winter, a home.
Until I came across electric blankets

First Things First

Hi and welcome to Natura's corner, entirely dedicated to creativity, originality, gifted souls and the ability to make things happen.

Tall order.

It is also about sharing dreams and making up good stories.

Free reins. That suits me fine

First things first, how it all began...

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