African Salad

Winter in Cape Town!
Coming from gentle Europe, the land of central heating, I went through my first winter here in total disbelief: cold outside with some beautiful sunny spells..
Literally freezing inside, with no respite
Rough and tough, my life indoors became a long fight for comfort: from electric radiators (weak), gas heaters (warm, smelly and bulky) to fireplaces (warm , beautiful and expensive) I quickly mastered all tricks and tips to keep a decent level of warmth. I was not that successful and still longed for this perfect comfy feeling that makes a house in winter, a home.
Until I came across electric blankets

That was a breakthrough: This strange outdated appliance, which is both unglamorous and tacky is also very very cosy.
I got hooked on the first night.
No more pathetic shivering between frozen sheets, I switch the blanket on, wait 30 minutes or so and merrily jump into bed.
Hmmm... the sheer pleasure of immediate warmth
Relaxed and content I can indulge now in all sorts of enjoyable bedtime activities.
Like reading ;-)
My last favourite read, well suited to the season, is an unusual mix of recipes/photography/travel book called 'African Salad' by Capetonian photographer Stan Engelbrecht and journalist Tamsen de Beer. Recipes, family, home are all bound together to help the reader understand people and where they have come from. A great insight into every day South African life.
Nice and warm